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Since 2016, OMNI NOVAS is a group of collective enterprises and services dedicated to creating innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and apps. Our mission is to provide top-notch services to governments, schools, local authorities, self-employed, businesses, and individuals seeking to use our cutting-edge technologies. We empower individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. Our solutions are designed to give everyone the tools they need to succeed. With OMNI NOVAS, partners can gain access to a diverse range of technology solutions tailored to their specific needs. We build, deploy, maintain, manage, and support our partners' online presence at no cost.

Providing top-notch services

At OMNI NOVAS, we’re rewriting the rules of online business and services. We are committed to creating cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and mobile applications that empower governments, educational institutions, local authorities, businesses, and individuals. From SaaS solutions to mobile apps, from public security to sustainable development, our portfolio spans a wide range of fields. We believe in the power of ideas and the ability to turn them into reality. Our team is dedicated to creating software and apps that address the specific challenges faced by our partners. Our guiding principle is simple yet transformative: “You Think, We Build: Your Vision, Our Expertise.

Get Access to Our Ready-Made Solutions

When you choose OMNI NOVAS, you’re not just a client; you’re a partner in innovation, and you don’t need to invest a dime to start. Our commitment is straightforward yet game-changing: “Your Ideas, Our Ready-Made Solutions”. Our mission is to redefine the future through innovation. We’re not just problem-solvers; we’re partners in progress. Access these technologies without the need for upfront spending. Discover the exclusive advantages of becoming an OMNI Prime member. By becoming a partner, you can get your products launched in less than 72 hours after signing a contract with us. As a “No-Cost Technology Access” FAMILY member, you can get access to our solutions instantly.

The Risks Are on Us

With OMNI NOVAS, there are no capital expenses. We invest in our partners' success. By providing free website and app development through the OMNI Prime membership program, we ensure that anyone can harness the power of technology. We believe in the power of ideas and the ability to turn them into reality. As a partner with OMNI Prime membership, you will simply pay a commission when you thrive. We don't just build and manage; we also promote and sell the products and services. You don’t need to invest a dime to start. Say hello to growth without the risk, innovation without the wait, and success without the hassle. Our commitment is straightforward yet game-changing: “Your Ideas, Our Ready-Made Solutions”.

We Build

As one of our OMNI Prime Members, we can build websites and stores for absolutely free of charge, providing you with an exceptional opportunity to bring your online presence to life without the burden of development costs.
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We Deploy

We don't just build; we also deploy. Our expert team takes care of deploying for you seamlessly. Your vision becomes a reality as we implement, ensuring your systems are up and running, and your goals are within reach.
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We Manage

Our dedicated team continues to oversee and manage them, guaranteeing optimal performance and smooth operation. Your IT success is on us, and our ongoing management ensures you can focus on what you do best.
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We Support

We provide comprehensive support to ensure your solutions run smoothly, addressing any issues promptly, and assisting you with updates and optimizations. With OMNI, you're never alone on your journey.
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We invest in your success

Your Ideas,
Our Solutions

Explore our ready-made solutions

Our Currently Available Products


Facial Recognition System

Our facial recognition technology empowers law enforcement agencies with a potent tool to identify and apprehend criminals swiftly and accurately. It's a game-changer in the fight against crime, enabling law enforcement to proactively respond to security incidents and protect communities effectively.

Law Enforcement Apps

We empower law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to combat crime efficiently and protect communities with unwavering dedication. Our Law Enforcement platforms, fortified with facial recognition capabilities, are a testament to our commitment to achieving this vision.

Financial Transparency Platform

Governments and businesses alike are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their financial integrity and prudence. We've developed the Financial Transparency Platform to provide governments and businesses with a comprehensive solution that simplifies and enhances financial reporting.

Citizenship Management System

Citizenship management is central to a nation's identity and governance. It involves collecting, storing, and managing data related to citizens, including personal information, identification records, and legal status. Accurate and efficient citizenship management is vital for a government's ability to provide services, enforce laws, and ensure security.

Tax Collection Services

Tax collection is the backbone of public finance. It's the process through which governments collect revenues necessary for funding essential services such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and defense. The OMNI Tax Collection Platforms represent a leap forward in modernizing and optimizing the tax collection process.

Healthcare Management Platform

The OMNI Healthcare Management Platform is a game-changer for the healthcare industry. From patient records and appointments to staff management and billing, OMNI's platform streamlines operations, reducing administrative burdens and improving workflow.

Judiciary Data Management Apps

The OMNI Judiciary System Management Apps represent a significant step forward in modernizing and optimizing judicial processes. OMNI's platform streamlines the management of legal cases, ensuring that critical information is readily available, and simplifying processes for legal professionals.

Attendance Management Apps

Our Attendance Management Apps is designed to streamline and enhance the way attendance is recorded and tracked. The inclusion of facial recognition technology simplifies attendance tracking. Users simply need to show their faces, and the system records their attendance accurately and securely.

HR Management System

Our HR Management System streamlines the hiring process and welcome new talent seamlessly. With OMNI HR Solutions, you have the power to streamline HR operations, enhance employee engagement, and make data-driven decisions to drive your organization forward.

Public Ressources Management Apps

OMNI's platform prioritizes financial transparency, making it easier for the public and stakeholders to access and understand how public funds are allocated and spent. Our platform streamlines the tracking of public assets and resources, simplifying inventory management and helping public institutions optimize their asset utilization.


School Management System

Our school management system simplifies administrative tasks for educational institutions. From student enrollment to grading and attendance tracking, we've reimagined school management for the digital age.

Exam Management System

Say goodbye to manual grading; OMNI Exam Management System automates the grading process. Ensure academic integrity through state-of-the-art cheat detection. Access detailed performance analytics and reports for better insights.

Tutoring Marketplace & Apps

We've revolutionized the tutoring industry by providing an online platform where students and educators can connect. Whether you're a student seeking academic support or an educator looking to share knowledge, our tutoring marketplace is designed for you.

School Global Payroll Services

OMNI School Global Payroll is an innovative solution designed to streamline payroll processes for schools and universities worldwide. Automate payroll calculations, deductions, and tax compliance. Ensure secure and timely salary disbursement to employees.

School Attendance System

With its facial recognition feature, our School Attendance System simplifies the process of tracking and managing student attendance. With user-friendly features, real-time data, and automated reporting, it ensures accurate attendance records and improves overall school efficiency.

School Bus Management Apps

With our School Bus Management Apps, you can plan and optimize bus routes for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Monitor bus movements and student attendance in real-time. Safety measures like GPS tracking and instant notifications are implemented.

Tuitions Global Payment Services

Our platform accommodates multiple currencies, making it easy for students to pay tuition fees in their preferred currency, eliminating the need for complex currency conversions. Educational institutions can receive funds promptly without interruptions.


B2B Transactions Platforms

OMNI NOVAS specializes in creating B2B stores that facilitate seamless transactions, optimize supply chains, and enhance business relationships. We understand the unique demands of B2B e-commerce and tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.

Corporate Websites Services

We design and develop corporate websites that not only showcase your brand but also provide a platform for communication, engagement, and customer interaction. Our corporate websites are user-friendly, visually appealing, and built to drive results.

Ready-Made Apps

OMNI NOVAS offers application development services that align with your e-commerce strategy. Whether it's a dedicated shopping app or a feature-rich mobile extension, we create applications that enhance user experiences and drive sales.

P2P Transactions Platforms

Our solutions facilitate secure and efficient P2P transactions, whether it's for buying, selling, or exchanging goods and services. We ensure that your platform is equipped with the necessary tools to enable seamless P2P interactions.

Marketplace Services & Apps

Our Marketplaces allow individuals to set up personalized storefronts to showcase their products or services. We ensure secure and trusted transactions through our platforms. With OMNI P2B Stores, we're democratizing e-commerce.

SaaS Solutions

With a steadfast commitment to creating cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and mobile applications, we aim to transform the way governments, educational institutions, and individuals access and utilize technology.


Hotel Bookings Apps

OMNI Hotel Booking Apps are game-changing platforms that redefine how users discover, book, and experience extraordinary accommodations around the world.

Travel Agency Platforms

Create tailor-made itineraries for every traveler's dream adventure. You can bring the world closer to your users, making travel more accessible, exciting, and immersive than ever before for them.

Tourist Portal Systems

With OMNI Tourist Portals, users can navigate cities, landmarks, and attractions with ease. They can discover hidden gems and insider tips for a truly authentic experience.

Car Rentals Apps

Let renters have choice from a wide range of vehicles to suit their needs and style. Help them reserve their vehicle hassle-free with a few clicks so they can get ready to hit the road with confidence, convenience, and style.

Real Estate Apps

Simplify property management with comprehensive solutions. Streamline property management with our userfriendly apps. Their dream property is closer than they think. Whether it's a place to call home or a smart investment, let's have them covered.

Touristic Guides Apps

Our Touristic Guides Apps, are some digital companions that enhance travelers experience's by providing valuable insights, local knowledge, and essential information right at their fingertips. Travelers can immerse themselves in the beauty of new destinations without barriers.

Office Systems

Customer Support Systems

Meeting Platforms

Customer Relationship Management Apps


Ready-Made Solutions

Say goodbye to long development cycles. Our ready-made solutions are designed to jumpstart your journey to success.

Full Management

We don't just build; we also manage. From updates to web support, we take care of everything including backups, so you can focus on what you do best.

Zero Upfront Costs

With us, there are no capital expenses. We invest in your success. You simply need to be an OMNI Prime member and pay a commission when you thrive.

Lifetime Support

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated support team by your side. We're here to ensure your platform runs seamlessly and efficiently.
What do we offer?

Our Available Services

Web Developments

Web Design

Our web design service is all about creating stunning, user-friendly websites that leave a lasting impression.

Web App Development

We're not just crafting code; we're weaving your dreams into powerful, interactive, and user-friendly web applications.


Our SEO experts optimize your website to ensure it ranks higher in search engine results, driving organic traffic and boosting your online visibility.

Responsive Web Design

We specialize in creating websites that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes, ensuring an optimal user experience across all devices.

SaaS Solutions

Tailor-Made Software-as-a-Service

Mobile Applications

Seamless and Intuitive Mobile Apps

E-Commerce Tools

Boosting Sales with Seamless Online Stores


A Hub for Creators and Entrepreneurs

Web Consultations & Services

SSL Certificates

Security is paramount online. We offer SSL certificates to safeguard your website and reassure your visitors that their data is protected.

Web Hosting

Reliable web hosting is the backbone of your online presence. We provide hosting services that keep your website running smoothly. Maximum 5 Gb per membership.

Domain Purchase

Your domain is your digital identity. We assist in selecting and purchasing the perfect domain name for your brand.

Web Deployment

Launching a website can be complex. We take care of the technicalities, ensuring your website is deployed seamlessly and performs optimally.

cPanel Installation

With an easy installation process for cPanel and WHM, you can take control of your hosting effortlessly. Say goodbye to technical complexities and hello to a hassle-free hosting experience with OMNI cPanel Installation Services.

Server Backup

With our friendly team, scheduling and managing backups becomes a breeze. In times of data loss or emergencies, you can rely on OMNI to swiftly restore your data, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity. We backup and recover your data, so you can focus on your priorities.

Server Migration

Our services ensure a smooth and efficient migration process, minimizing downtime and ensuring your data's security and integrity during the transition. You can rely on our expert team to handle the technical complexities, allowing you to focus on your business priorities. We're here to make server migration hassle-free and reliable.

Server Restauration

When it comes to safeguarding your data and ensuring business continuity, OMNI doesn't just offer solutions; we deliver peace of mind. Our Server Restoration Services are designed to assist you when you want to recover critical data. You can trust in our experts to navigate the intricacies, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Server Recovery

Are you seeking to restore vital information? Our server recovery services offer a safety net for your data. We prioritize swift and efficient recovery, minimizing downtime and ensuring your business continuity. Count on OMNI NOVAS for expert server recovery, allowing you to regain control and focus on what truly matters.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a potent tool for reaching your audience directly. Our consultants help you design, strategize, and execute effective email marketing campaigns to engage customers and drive conversions.

SMS Marketing

In a mobile-centric world, SMS marketing is highly effective. We assist you in crafting targeted SMS campaigns that reach customers on their preferred devices.

Adwords Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click advertising through Google AdWords can boost your online visibility. Our consultants create and manage AdWords campaigns to drive traffic and increase conversions.

META Campaigns

Facebook & Instagram are extremely popular platforms in the current world. Social media is a vital platform for engagement. We design and run campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, leveraging the power of social networking to expand your reach.

Web Publication

Getting your website live is just the beginning. We provide comprehensive web publication services, ensuring your website is accessible to the world.

Social Media Publication

Your social media presence matters. Our team helps you curate and publish engaging content on social platforms to keep your audience informed and connected.



Audio content is on the rise, from podcasts to audio advertisements. We offer professional audio production services to help you tap into this growing medium and connect with your audience through sound.


Video is a powerful tool for storytelling and engagement. Our multimedia team crafts compelling videos that convey your message effectively, whether it's for marketing, education, or entertainment.

Graphic Design Services

Visual appeal is key in capturing and retaining audience attention. Our graphic design experts create eye-catching visuals, from logos to infographics, to make your brand and content visually appealing.

You Think, We Build:
Your Vision, Our Expertise

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We greatly appreciate your unwavering commitment, understanding, and eagerness to assist in every situation. OMNI NOVAS exemplifies competence and effectiveness. We eagerly anticipate a productive and enduring partnership! You are the best partners we ever had!

C. Baker

CEO, Actible

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the team for their impeccable and productive service throughout our seven-year partnership. I wholeheartedly recommend this company to everyone. Their unwavering dedication and expertise have been instrumental in our success.

S. Philippe

CEO, Kayanou
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