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OMNI NOVAS Groups – Surrendering All!
66 West Flagler Street, Suite 900 Miami, FL 33130.
Mon - Fri : 09:00 - 17:00
(786) 607-2050
Mon - Fri : 09:00 - 17:00


We are a group of businesses and services that creates economic and technological services to supply all industries whether financial, agricultural, governmental, etc. Our group encompasses a wide range of companies that manage money, including credit unions, and that invest in countries where new technologies are not used so well.

Profitable Investments

What we do is simple. We identify problems in certain countries to offer solutions either to governments, businesses or directly to populations. As soon as we get contract proposals, we create a company, a product, or a service to sell and manage the project autonomously. At the same time, we offer the possibility to potential investors to invest in one of our companies right after obtaining a pre-contract.

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We Love Or Clients

We are always ahead

Professional solutions for your government or your business.

We are already identifying a very large number of problems that many governments face. We have already created solutions to these problems. Your government or business does not need to pay to access our services. All it takes is a public-private partnership or third-party partnership contract to access all of our solutions that are ready to use. We create the solution with you, we manage it, and we share the happiness of success together. We provide premium partner support and also offer affiliate programs to private companies.

Successful Investments
None of our businesses have failed so far. First, we invest in reusable and customizable products that can be useful in several other territories and countries. Our experience as a market leader in technological innovations to developing countries governments' makes us reliable partners with whom your investments are bound to succeed.

Local Partnership
We offer technological tools to all local authorities and at all levels. We can create all the tools your community needs and put them at your service.

Investment Banking

All the Technologies Everywhere

We are creating a technology investment bank to help developing countries like Haiti, Jamaica, DRC, Somalia, Senegal, Rwanda, Mexico, etc., to catch up on technological innovations. This bank will invest in training, creation, development, implementation and structuring of projects relating to new technologies because they must be everywhere.

Sales & Trading

Guaranteed Profitability

OMNI NOVAS Groups has a branch that specializes in sales and negotiation issues long before investments have been received. Therefore, our partners and investors do not need to worry about the profitability of our products. The contract must be guaranteed long before our partners invest! With us, it is not a chance, and there is no doubt about  our credibility.

Investment Management

A Well Managed Investment

OMNI NOVAS Groups has a business management group that is there to receive investments from members of the investment club to effectively manage these funds as well as OMNI NOVAS businesses. Money should not be managed by one person nor without control from all our partners. This is why we dedicate a team to give access to our partners to all our datas and technologies to be stronger.

Market Research

Investing Rightly

OMNI NOVAS Groups is the group which identifies, thinks, reflects and decides on the various and varied problems in our societies in order to tackle them and create solutions which can provide adequate answers to these problems. Therefore, we will never invest where there is no need for our productsto make sure that WE WIN. It is all about your success! So invest with the people that you really trust!

Our Gallery

View some of the most successful projects and more by our specialists presented in this gallery.

Our Staff

We work to make our businesses yours and make them effectively working for you.

We have the financial and marketing specialists that are needed to be successful.

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We make sure that the products are ready to be sold out before receiving investments. You can request a demo of one of our products by filling the form below.

    Our Blog Posts

    We have created this initiative to provide businesses and governments in developing countries with a full range of technology products and services. Read our blog to get to know us better.
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